Stackable Containers

Deep Bottom

Technology for creating stackable containers, it is used to replace HDPE containers with PET containers. This allows a weight reduction up to 60%, a saving on logistics costs and to have a container with a customized design that makes it ideal for storage.

The “Deep Bottom” system permits to blow containers with a peculiar shape of shoulder and base: the latter, thanks to the particular mechanical process applied during the blowing phase, is deeper and able to accommodate the shoulder, neck and, if present, the handle of another container. The result is containers with high stability during the storage.

External handles


This is a system for an automatic application of external handles, which can be applied during blowing.

The handle geometry is made in accordance with the process considering that a part of it is subjected to the pressure of the blowing added to the stress produced by the plastic that wraps the anchoring points.

Sensitive products

Hot Fill

Microbiological spoilage sensitive products, like Juices, isotonic Beverages, Tea, and Coffee, require special treatments during filling and capping. They need to be pasteurized to have a longer shelf-life. The Hot-filling process allows to pasteurize the product and sterilize the container and the cap at the same time.

Some requirements are needed for this process, like special PET resin for HF application and hot filling line for pasteurization of the product, sterilization and cooling of the container.

It is also required a specific Heat Set blowing process with thermoregulation of the heated blowing molds, able to increase bottle crystallinity and a re-circulation of cold air inside the mold to avoid that bottles get deformed at molds opening.

A special bottle design is finally request for a container with heat resistance and able to absorb volume change without visible distortion and to give the bottle mechanical properties.

neck in a specific relative position

Neck Orientation

Neck orientation is a particular technology for blowing containers with the neck in a specific relative position.

It allows to manage special preforms by orienting them always in the same position thanks to specific device and software.

This process could be combined with preferential heating to produce containers with different irregular shapes, like a trigger bottle, often required for cosmetics and medical products.

Selective heating technology

Preferential Heating

It is a special oven module to get oval containers.

PH system consists of lamps placed on both sides of the oven module where spindles will not rotate to allow differentiated temperature profile of the preform.

This kind of selective heating ensures that preforms will expand to easily take the specific shape of the cavity and to keep the characteristic different radial stretch ratio of oval containers thanks to an optimized distribution of material on all sides of the bottle.

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