SIAPI, founded in 1992, designs, manufactures and markets worldwide 2-step linear blow moulding machines for PET containers.

All machines and moulds are manufactured in San Vendemiano – Italy, thus guaranteeing smooth production process, with accurate tests, efficiency, and controlled lead times.

SIAPI’s state-of-the-art technology is well known in the classic beverage market, as well as for the design and production of special PET containers: large bottles for water-cooler applications, beer kegs, jerrycans, wide mouth jars, detergents and personal care.

For this reason, SIAPI has become partner of the main actors in the food&beverage and chemical sectors.

The widespread presence of SIAPI in all five continents is represented by its installed base of more than 900 machines. SIAPI’s customers can rely on constant support during the choice of a solution for a new production project, as well as for after sales and technical assistance issues.

SIAPI’s original moulds are produced and tested in house. Innovative design, resistance and durability guarantee the creation of perfect PET containers.



Since 2019 SIAPI has become part of CFT Group, consolidating its presence in the market thanks to the synergy with a technological group worldwide leader in the food process and packaging.

SIAPI is present in all five continents with group branches, offices, exclusive agents and service centers.


Our History

1992: : The company, already active as third-party supplier in the blow moulding industry, becomes independent and specialized in the production of blow moulding machines.

1994: : First 6-cavity linear blower for 1.5 liter Coca-Cola bottles.

1995: SIAPI is the first to propose a continuous preform transport system, thus guaranteeing perfect heating.

1998: New production facilities covering an area of over 8,000 m².

2000: EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 certification. Development of international sales and customer service.

2001: Sale of the first two blowers in the world for refillable 5 US gal for water dispenser (18,9 l).

2002: First fully electrical machines.

2003: Air Recovery System and fully electrical machines. Maximum effort for energy savings and eco-sustainable business.

2004: World leader in blowers for large sizes up to 30 liters. Beginning of blower development for wide-mouth containers.

2005: Sale of the first 14 cavity mold for 20,000 bph: a record for linear technology. 2 million euros invested to develop the company’s growth.

2006: The big international groups in the food & beverage sector recognise SIAPI R&D as a qualified point of reference.

2008: 1,000 m² of facilities dedicated entirely to R&D.

2009: 400 blowers sold. Leader in large sizes and applications for wide mouth containers. SIAPI aims at service and the supply of new solutions.

2010: SIAPI patents the HandleMatic 360° system which allows the automatic insertion of the handle during or after inflation. The first industrial application for making a 5 gallon PET bottle with handle is launched in the North American market.


2011: SIAPI complete packaging development. Proliferation of large, custom and wide mouth container applications. 500 blow molders sold.

2012: SIAPI is leader in 15, 20, 30, 40 Iiters PET KEG for Beer and other applications. Patent Deposit for “Bottle in Bottle” two-stage stretch blow molding safety device.

2013: New patents and technologies are developed in the R&S departments. 600 machines installed worldwide.

2015: Internal efficiency efforts through new manufacturing technologies, organizational methods and operative platforms. Streamlining of cost and management control supporting decision-making and delivery time compliance.

2016: Integration of the Wide Range Neck solution on standard bottle blowers. Implementation of R&D activities on PET conversion opportunities. More than 840 blow molders sold.

2017: SIAPI celebrates its 25th anniversary. Installation of the first complete line for PET KEG of 30 liters for beer application. Development of new partnerships in Far East Asia and Middle East.

2019: SIAPI becomes part of CFT Group.

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