SX1 & SX series

Blow moulders
for large containers

In the market of PET blow moulding machines, SIAPI is the reference for large containers.

SIAPI linear machines wrote the history of PET in the applications from 10 to 40 liters, both in the water sector, and beer, edible oil and chemicals.

The main protagonists in the filling market of large containers have been successfully working with SIAPI in the last twenty years, both for the R&D design and sampling, and for the supply of the dedicated blow moulder.

SX1 & SX series

Main Applications

SX1 & SX series


SX1 & SX series

Special Technologies

SIAPI has developed special solutions and exclusive patented technologies in order to produce large containers.


SX2 A special project

SX1 & SX series

Blow-molding machines for large sizes, such as one-way and refillable bottles for water dispenser, stackable bulks, self-collapsible containers and PET kegs.

Up to 6000 bph (for a 5lt bottle in SX5 machine)

The fact that these containers can be recycled urges us to propose large containers for all those applications that can be converted to PET from polycarbonate and HDPE.

SX1 & SX series


SX1 & SX series


Bottles and bulks containers from 3 to 20 lt.

KEG from 20 to 40 lt.

S2M & SX series

Key features

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