Water & Soft Drinks

SIAPI blow molding machines produce containers for the water sector to satisfy all the customers’ needs. From large reusable bottles for dispensers, to “standard” bottles for water, tea, soft drinks, both carbonated and still.



Returnable containers from 3 to 5 US gal blown with PSB® technology (Preform Stretch Booster) in order to give a perfect performance during the stretch-blow molding phase. In the “Handlematic” version, the handle is positioned in the mold before the blowing phase. Such containers are ideal for converting from PC to PET

  • One way PET containers, from 5 to 20L, can be recycled and are available in a wide variety of formats for different applications, such as for dispensers or stackable, a solution that increases warehouse capacity.

Standard Bottles for Water, Carbonate Soft Drinks (CSD) and other drinks. Both with the flat bottom and with the characteristic petaloid bottom, suitable for all pressurized drinks.

Beer, Wine

SIAPI is the ideal partner and supplier for development and production of KEG in PET, proposing a customized solution for the container, the optimization of the process with the preform and testing the product in all its development and production phases.

  • The KEG in PET produced by our blowers is a recyclable container, available in sizes from 10 to 30L suitable not only for the beer industry, but also perfect for containing wine, cider and all drinks dedicated to the tap use. They are light and, therefore, easy to handle but, at the same time, capable of preserving the quality of the product contained therein.