Newsletter Maggio 2017

2016 has been a brilliant year for SIAPI – with more than 35 new machinery installed – and 2017 started with new activities and promising projects. One of the mayor factors of this success is the development of the strong relationship with SIAPI Africa and our partner Global: together we organized on February 3rd  2017 the third Symposium in Hammamet – Tunisia – under the theme of “Technological Flexibility & Proximity”.

Top quality Italian suppliers joined Global and SIAPI, presenting their latest technological solutions matching more and more unconventional demands:

flexibility of machinery and marketing approach is essential to answer with tailored solutions. To target our approach, the enduring collaboration with Global allows SIAPI to match the specific needs of our African customers.
In the occasion of the Symposium, SIAPI celebrated with its partners the achieved results of 2016 and introduced the latest packaging and technological innovations. SIAPI and Global are now working on several projects in the Maghreb area that accelerated as outcome of this attractive event with more than 150 selected participants.

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