Siapi - Shaping your projects


SIAPI believes in research because innovation and progress are our creed and every year we invest considerable resources in research and development.

Our R&D Department transforms experience into technology and customers' demand into reality, using a systematic method of analysis, development and control, as well as involving and working in close synergy with all the company's departments. SIAPI prototypes are created to a strict procedure, working on customers' requirements. The new R&D Department makes a feasibility study of the project and finds the best solution through in-house prototyping, analyses and laboratory tests.


SIAPI products are Made in Italy and are designed and built in our San Vendemiano facilities; this gives full control of all production stages and ensures maximum reliability and technological efficiency for all our blowers.

SIAPI's structure and operating method allow just-in-time production with prompt delivery times that always meet requirements. We want to supply the best technology rapidly because we are convinced that this is real added value to offer our customers so they can increase reaction times and be ready for the swift changes in the market, maintaining their competitive edge. SIAPI's partners and suppliers are also international leaders who co-operate to achieve excellence in our products in terms of technological innovation, reliability and attention to energy savings.



All our applications are tested in our laboratory analyzing performances and mechanicals features and measurements such as top load measurements, material distribution, thickness, explosion and implosion tests, hot-filling and more besides.

In-house research progresses continuously, also due to important valuable co-operation with international partners, research institutes and prestigious universities, who find our new R&D Department a point of reference for experimentation in technology and processes. SIAPI can rapidly supply complete innovative solutions anywhere in the world.