Siapi Corporate Restructuring

To date, supported by the full trust of its partners, it has obtained within the expected time the validation by the Court for the restructuring.

To prove the positive and trustworthy atmosphere, there are the results of this year’s first semester; matching the goals.

It must be pointed out that the restructuring process was planned by a new company management team, consisting of experts employed by the company itself and therefore able to ensure the continuity of the company’s operating know-how; a competence which is fundamental in these reorganization processes.
The restructuring of Siapi was carried out thanks to the support both of Clients and Suppliers.

That is why it is owing to all the involved entities that is has been possible to intervene timely and successfully and, in addition to that, maintain unaltered the number of jobs, which is rare, and is a good example to other similar situations. Moreover, new and more updated competences have been introduced in order to replace the few cases of retirement.

We therefore can conclude by saying that Siapi, notwithstanding this restructuring operation, is maintaining its standards of competence and quality that have distinguished it over many years of activity. It is exactly that kind spirit, guaranteed by the new managing staff, which has allowed the company to easily overcome a curving by the re-launching of its profile on the market of blow-moulding machines.

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