Siapi - Shaping your projects


Development of new applications.

SIAPI is distinguished for its creativity and propensity for seeking avant garde solutions, putting customers' needs first. We offer bespoke projects and customized molds for the production of special containers and traditional designs and shapes for several applications such as water, CSD, juice, tea, isotonic and vitamin drinks, milk and diary products, oil, beer, wine, food, pet food, farma, chemical products, detergents, cosmetics and others.

Containers development

The full SIAPI added value proposition is:

  • Design: from designing the container and preform up to building the machine, involving application validation;
  • Prototyping of new containers and bottles;
  • Blowing machines for bottles, jars and other containers in PET, PP, PLA and other resins;
  • Containers with capacities of 100 ml to 30 litres;
  • Productivity of 150 to 24,000 bph;
  • Wide-mouth containers up to a mouth diameter of 180 mm and 12 litre capacity;
  • Blowing machines with heat set configuration for bottles and jars to be hot filled;
  • Preferential heating for special bottles;
  • Automatic handle insertion system;
  • Molds for machines made by SIAPI and other manufacturers;
  • After-sales service throughout the world.