Siapi - Shaping your projects


Quality is a fundamental value for SIAPI. The certification we have achieved (EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001) testify to our vocation for constant improvement in our products, which feature high standards of functionality, duration and reliability.

The SIAPI Quality System establishes strict policies and mandatory standards, shared and applied by outsourcers. Total product quality is therefore guaranteed from start to finish and every step and element of the complex production supply chain is carefully analysed and tested, starting with the raw materials used. SIAPI's strict quality parameters also apply to all mechanical, electric and electronic components on the blowers, as well as all elements of the application and process. Before delivery and set-up, each project must pass accurate in-house validation that certifies full observance of the necessary requisites. All containers undergo many laboratory tests to ensure they conform perfectly to a series of checks on measurements, ergonomics, capacity and mechanical strength.

- Certificato 9001-2015 ACCREDIA
- Certificato 14001-2015 ACCREDIA
- Certificato 45001-2018
- Certificazione EAC Russia



SIAPI believes in sustainable technological progress and has always directed its research to products with low impact on energy and the environment.

This has produced the blowing air recovery system applicable to all our machines, that guarantees average savings of up to 40% against conventional solutions. Added to this is the development and application of new generation high efficiency ovens that considerably reduce energy consumption and therefore costs, due to process optimization and increased hourly production. The industrial direction taken by our company, which has led to achievement of EN ISO 14001 certification, is part of a broader strategic project. The problem of consumption involves us directly, given the current world situation, where energy sources are diminishing, causing an increase in production costs. We believe that in this context companies can contribute to sustainable growth and progress: that's why we design innovative blower machines that save energy.