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Wide Mouth

Description of application

Converting GLASS, HDPE and METAL jars and containers to PET and PP makes it possible to explore new markets with highly competitive innovative packaging.

Such containers can be used in many fi elds, such as: FOOD, PHARMACEUTICALS, CHEMICALS, PAINT/VARNISH, TOYS, PET FOOD, OTHERS. SIAPI has been working on “Wide Mouth” technology since 2004 and has launched on the market the SW series of linear blow-molding machines with 1-2-3-4 cavities for containers with mouth diameter up to 180 mm and a capacity of 12 litres. SIAPI can assist customers in fi nding a full package that includes preform supply and container production through a preliminary prototyping stage for application validation. SIAPI technology can also be used for producing hot fill containers in PET or PP.

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